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By special request, and containing a different group of books than those in our recent Biblical Studies catalog, here’s a list of our more recently acquired inventory in the areas of Archaeology / Ancient Near East, Old Testament studies, Hebrew, and Judaica.

Special Archaeology / Ancient Near East List, March 27 2011

And for those of you who are fans of our bookstore dog, Wendell, here’s a photo of him enjoying the unusual early Spring snowfall in Eugene last week.

Wendell in the snow, March 21, 2012

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Signed copies

We have a number of signed books-  featuring the autographs, sometimes with additional inscriptions and notes, of authors, editors, translators, or others associated with the books-  such as the treasure pictured below.  And here’s a link to the full list: Signed Copies, March 2012

Signed by the author, to Frank Moore Cross

This is Amnon Ben-Tor’s  Two Burial Caves of the Proto-Urban Period at Azor, 1971; The First Season of Excavations at Tell-Yarmuth, 1970  [Qedem, Monographs of the Institute of Archaeology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1].   You’ll find the full details of this one on page 4-5 of the list in the link above.

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Our latest Biblical Studies, Archaeology and Ancient Near East catalog is available here: Biblical Studies March 2012

Pictured above are some highlights from the catalog:

Krister Stendahl’s copy of David L. Dungan’s Sayings of Jesus in the Churches of Paul, inscribed and signed by the author  (see page 115 for details)

G. Ernest Wright’s own copy of his thesis, Did All the Israelites Go Down Into Egypt?  (see page 41 for details)

and  Bruce M. Metzger’s personal copy of Lexicon Syropalaestinum adiuvante Academia Litterarum Regia Borussica  (see page 90 for details).

A number of additional association copies can be found throughout the catalog.


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Here’s a link to our latest new arrivals catalog:  New Arrivals March 2012

Some highlights of this list include several pages of American History titles, a number of titles of Anglican interest, and books from the personal library of noted biblical scholar M. Eugene Boring, including his complete set of The Millennial Harbinger, pictured here (see page 102 of the catalog for full details):


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