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Here’s a glimpse of just a few of the shelves devoted to Biblical Studies in our bookstore…

Just a few of the many Biblical Studies titles to be found at Windows Booksellers in Eugene, Oregon…

We wish you could all visit in person, but even if you can’t, here’s our June 2012 Biblical Studies and Archaeology list, featuring a number of those titles:  Biblical Studies & Archaeology, June 2012


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Our June 2012 New Arrivals catalog is ready and viewable here:

New Arrivals, June 2012

Among the collection in this month’s list are many excellent titles in Theology, Biblical Studies, Archaeology & Ancient Near East, and Church History   (including a large number of individual volumes in the Fathers of the Church: A New Translation series- pictured below).


Fathers of the Church, A New Translation (volumes sold individually).

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Fifty Cent List

We’ve just reduced the prices on a boatload of books, journals, and pamphlets to 50 cents apiece.    And  here is the list…  there are treasures to be found!

Fifty Cent List, June 2012

Detail from mural at our store’s entrance

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