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November Catalogs

Below are the links to our November catalogs. Enjoy!

New Arrivals November

$5 Theology Books


World Religions

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Greetings from Eugene!  Check out our latest catalogs:

New Arrivals August

Theology August

Philosophy August


Katrina, featured in the new mural at Theo’s Coffee House — more photos to come . . .

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Theology Catalogs

Here are the Theology Catalogs for February:

Theology February 2013

Inklings February 2013

Judaica February 2013

World Religions February 2013

Happy Reading!

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Here is our Theology list for December. Also, feel free to inquire with us directly about specific items or authors you are looking for.

Link to Theology catalog:

Theology December 2012

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Here’s our latest Philosophy and Theology list.  Enjoy!

Philosophy & Theology Catalog, August 2012

Little Wendell, resting amongst our philosophy books

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Our August New Arrivals catalog is ready and can be viewed here: New Arrivals August 2012

To pique your interest, here’s a sampling of items found in this catalog:

From page 4:

Forster, Charles. __The One Primeval Language Traced Experimentally Through Ancient Inscriptions in Alphabetic Characters of Lost Powers from the Four Continents: Including the Voice of Israel from the Rocks of Sinai (3 vols.) 2nd edition__. London: Richard Bentley. 1852. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 190, 300, 354pp. Ex-library, rubbed covers. Large stain on first volume’s back end papers and fold-out map. $100 [386582]

From page 7:

Kim, Sung-Hae. __The Righteous and the Sage: A Comparative Study on the Ideal Images of Man in Biblical Israel and Classical China__. Sogang University Press. 1985. Hardcover with dust jacket. 297pp. G/G. Faded and chipped dust jacket. $32 [386905]

From page 10:

Augustine, St.. __Immortality of the Soul; The Magnitude of the Soul; On Music; The Advantage of Believing; On Faith in Things Unseen [Fathers of the Church: A New Translation series]__. Catholic University of America Press. 1947. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 497pp. Very good. $37 [387140]

From page 18:

Ffoulkes, Edmund S.. __Christendom’s Divisions. Being a Philosophical Sketch of the Divisions of the Christian Family in East and West (2 vols.)__. Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green. 1865. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 258, 601pp. Ex-library, worn covers. $50  [387641]

From page 29:

Nockles, Peter B.. __The Oxford Movement in Context: Anglican High Churchmanship 1760-1857__. Cambridge. 1994. Paperback. 342pp. Very good. $27 [386823]

From page 35:

Attridge, Harold W. and Robert A. Oden. __The Syrian Goddess (De Dea Syria), Attributed to Lucian [SBL Texts and Translations, 9, Graeco-Roman Religion Series 1]__. Scholars Press. 1976. Paperback. 61pp. Very good. $11 [386970]

From page 39:

Connelly, Joan Breton. __Portrait of a Priestess: Women and Ritual in Ancient Greece__. Princeton. 2007. Paperback. 421pp. Very good. $19 [386604]

From page 41:

Fenik, Bernard C. ed.. __Homer: Tradition and Invention [Cincinnati Classical Studies, New Series vol. II]__. E.J. Brill. 1978. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 90pp. Very good. $57 [386862]

From page 47:

Parke, H.W.. __The Oracles of Zeus: Dodona, Olympia, Ammon__. Harvard. 1967. Hardcover with dust jacket. 294pp. VG/G, slightly chipped dust jacket. $27 [387341]

From page 51:

[Tacitus Cornelius] Cornelii Taciti . __Historiarum Libri [Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis]__. Oxford. 1962. Hardcover with dust jacket. pp. VG/G, chipped dust jacket. Latin text. $15 [387558]

From page 58:

Fitzmyer, Joseph A.. __AB: Romans__. Doubleday. 1993. Hardcover with dust jacket. 793pp. VG/G, slightly faded spine. $25 [386973]

From page 62:

Koester, Craig R.. __AB: Hebrews__. Doubleday. 2001. Hardcover with dust jacket. 604pp. VG/VG $25 [386975]

From page 66:

[Schultens, Albert] Alberti Schultensii . __Commentarius in librum Iobi, in compendium redegit observationes criticas atque exegeticas adspersit Georg. Ioan. Ludovicus Vogel (2 vols.)__. Halae Magdeburgicae: Apud Io. Iac Curt.. 1774. Full leather. 984 pp. Worn full leather, with tender hinges. Ex-library, heavy foxing. $100 [387464]

From page 72:

Peers, E. Allison. __A Handbook to the Life and Times of St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross__. Burns Oates. 1954. Hardcover with dust jacket. 277pp. Ex-library, foxing. $20 [386902]

From page 74:

. __Novum Testamentum Graecum, Editio Hellenistica (2 vols.)__. London: Gulielmus Pickering. 1843. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 1493pp. Light foxing. Faded and worn covers, bumped boards corners. $50 [387570]

From page 77:

Jacobson, Howard. __Commentary on Pseudo-Philo’s Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum (2 vols.) [Arbeiten zur Geschichte des Anitken Judentums und des Urchristentums XXXI] With Latin text and English translation__. E.J. Brill. 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket. 1307pp. VG/VG. $257 [387408]

From page 85:

Deming, Will. __Paul on Marriage and Celibacy: The Hellenistic Background of 1 Corinthians 7__. Cambridge. 1995. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 261pp. Very good. $15 [386988]

From page 88:

Keach, Benjamin. __Gospel Mysteries Unveiled: Or, an Exposition of All the Parables, and Many Express Similitudes, Spoken by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (4 vols.)__. London: Li.I. Higham. 1815. Half leather. 555, 428, 627, 592pp. Good; ex-library, foxing. Half leather, with marbled boards, edges, and end papers. $87 [387459]

From page 96:

White, John Lee. __Form and Function of the Body of the Greek Letter: A Study of the Letter-Body in the Non- Literary Papyri and in Paul the Apostle [SBL Dissertation Series, 2]__. Scholars Press. 1972. Paperback. 166pp. Good; faded spine. $22 [386940]

From page 100:

MacDonald, Donald. __Creation and the Fall: A Defence and Exposition of the First Three Chapters of Genesis__. Thomas Constable. 1856. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 494pp. Ex-library, worn and faded cover, shaken. $20 [387418]

From page 102:

Taylor, Isaac. __Considerations on the Pentateuch, 3rd edition__. Jackson, Walford & Hodder. 1863. Half leather. 80pp. Ex-library, good otherwise. Half leather, with marbled boards and end papers. $27 [386464]

From page 104:

Chance, Thomas H.. __Plato’s Euthydemus: Analysis of What is and is Not Philosophy__. California. 1992. Hardcover with dust jacket. 282pp. G/VG, some ink underlining. $49 [386640]

From page 106:

Erler, Michael and Luc Brisson eds.. __Gorgias – Menon: Selected Papers from the Seventh Symposium Platonicum [International Plato Studies 25]__. Academia Verlag Sankt Augustin. 2007. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 389pp. Very good. $49 [386667]

From page 112:

Robinson, Thomas M. and Luc Brisson eds.. __Plato: Euthydemus, Lysis Charmides: Proceedings of the V Symposium Platonicum [International Plato Studies 13]__. Academia Verlag Sankt Augustin. 2000. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 402pp. Very good. $49 [386682]

From page 115:

Zuckert, Catherine H.. __Postmodern Platos: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Gadamer, Strauss, Derrida__. Chicago. 1996. Paperback. 351pp. Good; creased spine. $16 [386643]

From page 116:

Tatham, Edward. __Chart and Scale of Truth, by Which to Find The Cause of Error [Bampton Lectures, 1790] (2 vols.)__. Oxford. 1790. Full leather. 2 vols.pp. Ex- library. Full leather, very worn & rubbing away. Shaken, cracked hinges interior and exterior. Foxing. Slight penciling in vol. II. $67 [387481]

From page 119:

Ward, J.S.M. and W.G. Stirling. __The Hung Society or the Society of Heaven and Earth (3 vols.)__. Baskerville Press. 1925. Hardcover, no dust jacket.. 180, 196, 148pp. Ex-library, foxing, faded covers, boards slightly bowed. $127 [387529]

From page 122:

Campbell, Will D. and Richard C. Goode eds.. __And the Criminals With Him: Essays in Honor of Will D. Campbell and All the Reconciled__. Cascade Books. 2012. Paperback. 298pp. New book. $34 [W79467]

From page 125:

Farley, Margaret A. and Serene Jones eds.. __Liberating Eschatology: Essays in Honor of Letty M. Russell__. WJK. 1999. Paperback. 261pp. Very good. $10 [386301]

From page 127:

Hauerwas, Stanley and L. Gregory Jones eds.. __Why Narrative? Readings in Narrative Theology__. Eerdmans. 1989. Paperback. 367pp. Very good. $10 [387074]

From page 133:

Owen, John. __The Nature, Power, Deceit, and Prevalency of Indwelling Sin in Believers… A New Edition, carefully corrected__. Philadelphia: William Brown. 1793. Full leather. 279pp. Ex-library, foxing, boards nearly detached. Full leather binding. $37 [386489]

From page 140:

Webster, John ed.. __Cambridge Companion to Karl Barth__. Cambridge. 2000. Paperback. 312pp. Very good. $20 [387583]

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We’re offering for sale a nearly complete set of the T&T Clark edition of Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics (lacking only the index volume).

13 volumes of Barth’s Dogmatics (index volume lacking)

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics  (13 vols; lacks index volume)__.  T&T Clark.  .  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  pp.  Ink underlining, most volumes lack dust jackets.  Present are vols. 1 through 13; lacking is the index volume.  $300  [387247]

And, if you’re working on piecing together a set, we have a number of odd volumes available as well.   Here’s the list:

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. I, Part 1__.  T&T Clark.  1963.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  575pp.  Extensive underlining, rubbed cover.  $27  [362854]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, Vol. I, Part 1: The Doctrine of the Word of God__.  T&T Clark.  1960.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  575pp.  Ink underlining in first half. Shaken.  $27  [378340]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. I, Part 2__.  T&T Clark.  1956.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  905pp.  Red pencil underlining, faded and torn dust jacket.  $27  [362688]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. I.2__.  T&T Clark.  1963.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  905pp.  Shaken, cracked spine. Boards bowed.  $37  [341963]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. II.1__.  T&T Clark.  1964.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  699pp.  Slightly shaken, boards bowed.  $27  [341964]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. III, Doctrine of Creation 4__.  T&T Clark.  1961.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  704pp.  Extensive underlining, slightly shaken.  $27  [362855]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. III.1__.  T&T Clark.  1958.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  428pp.  Good; rubbed cover.  $30  [377929]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. III.2__.  T&T Clark.  1968.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  661pp.  Shaken. Boards bowed.  $27  [341965]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. III.3__.  T&T Clark.  1961.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  544pp.  Extensive ink underlining, shaken, rubbed and stained cover.  $20  [347860]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. IV, I__.  Scribner’s.  1956.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  802pp.  Ex-library, spine covered in black tape, extensive underlining and highlighting.  $11  [342668]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. IV.2__.  T&T Clark.  1967.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  867pp.  Slightly shaken. Front board bowed.  $32  [341962]

Barth, Karl.  __Church Dogmatics, vol. IV.4__.  T&T Clark.  1969.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  226pp.  VG/VG  $22  [387301]

Barth, Karl.  __Doctrine of Creation [Church Dogmatics, Vol. III, 4]__.  T&T Clark.  [1961] 1969.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  704pp.  Small amount of ink underlining. Slightly cocked spine.  $22  [350258]

Barth, Karl; trans. by G.T. Thompson.  __Church Dogmatics I.1: The Doctrine of the Word of God__.  T. & T. Clark.  1936.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  575pp.  Very shaken, cloth chipped away at upper spine.  $8  [382449]

Barth, Karl; trans. by G.T. Thompson.  __Church Dogmatics I/1: The Doctrine of the Word of God__.  T. & T. Clark.  1949.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  575pp.  Shaken, some pencil underlining, else good.  $16  [374860]

Barth, Karl; Trans. G.T. Thompson.  __Church Dogmatics I/1: The Doctrine of the Word of God__.  T & T Clark.  1949.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  575pp.  Ink underlining, rubbed cover, shaken.  $11  [361764]

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