Greetings and Happy New Year! Here is our latest catalog, featuring a wide array of subjects and studies, many of which are in near-pristine condition.


January 2018 New Arrivals


French Antiquarian Books

We are now offering a catalog featuring full-color photos of the personal library of the late Jacques Gres-Gayer, a specialist in French ecclesial and intellectual history who was regarded as the world expert in in the history of the Sorbonne in the 18th century. This offering will be of interest to any collector or institution looking to build a primary- source reference library in the fields of church history, early-modern European history, philosophy, theology, and church-state relations.

In addition to an extensive modern academic library, Gres-Gayer’s scholarly needs required access to an array of primary sources, many of which were not reprinted in any format after the 18th century. Thus, the antiquarian collection he amassed runs quite deep within the narrow time frame of his interest. Subjects include general theological and philosophical writings of the faculty of the Sorbonne, church histories, tracts and documents relating to Port Royal and the Jansenist controversy (including many works by, for, and against Pascal and the Arnaulds), works from the French School and the rise of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart, as well as many other ancillary works in the contemporary French intellectual scene.

Condition was a prime factor as this was a working library, and as such nearly all volumes are in good to very good condition, most in contemporary leather bindings.

Hard copies of the catalog are available upon request. Here is a link to the online version this catalog:

French Theology Antiquarian Catalog

Greetings! Here is our December 2017 New Arrivals Catalog. This catalog features a variety of titles and subjects, most of which are in very good condition.

December 2017-New Arrivals

Greetings! Here is our newest catalog, featuring a wide variety of titles. This catalog includes a large number of titles that are in near-pristine condition. Enjoy!

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Greetings! Here is our Mid-September catalog. This catalog features a large group of titles not often featured in our catalogs. Please note, this catalog has already reduced prices, so the discount does not apply to this group.

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Mid-September 2017 Catalog

Greetings! Here is our latest New Arrivals catalog. This catalog includes a wide variety of titles, in various categories. Enjoy!

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