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Greetings!   Here is our latest Theology catalog, containing a selection of our used and new theology titles.

Theology Catalog, February 2012

It’s quite a long list, so to aid your navigation, I’ve noted a few of the authors and where they can be found in this catalog.

Thomas Aquinas (p. 14)

Karl Barth, including a number of his Church Dogmatics volumes (p. 19)

John Calvin (p. 42)

Marva Dawn  (p. 57)

Jacques Ellul (p. 66)

P.T. Forsyth (p. 72)

Colin Gunton (p. 83)

Julian Hartt (p. 89)

Pope John Paul II  (p. 104)

E.L. Mascall (p. 126)

H. Richard Niebuhr, Reinhold Niebuhr, and Richard R. Niebuhr (p. 143)

Thomas Oden (p. 146)

Ted Peters (p. 153)

Karl Rahner (p. 158)

Edward Schillebeeckx (p. 169)

Helmut Thielicke (p. 187)

Rowan Williams (p. 203)

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