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Karl Barth

We’ve just acquired this nice collection of titles by and about Karl Barth.   Full details can be found below the photo.

Newly-arrived Barth titles

Barth, Karl.  __A Shorter Commentary on Romans__.  John Knox.  1960.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  188pp.  Good; foxing.  $8.5  [381663]

Barth, Karl.  __Christ and Adam:  Man and Humanity in Romans 5__.  Wipf & Stock.  2004.  Paperback.  82pp.  Pencil underlining.  $7  [381662]

Barth, Karl.  __Fragments Grave and Gay__.  Fontana.  1976.  Paperback.  127pp.  Mass market paperback.  Foxing, creased wrappers.  $5  [381637]

Barth, Karl.  __God in Action__.  Round Table.  1936.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  143pp.  Foxing, chipped dust jacket.  $5  [381636]

Barth, Karl.  __Letters, 1961-1968__.  Eerdmans.  1980.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  382pp.  G/G, gift note on half-title page.  $5  [381655]

Barth, Karl.  __Protestant Theology in the Nineteenth Century, new edition__.  Eerdmans.  2002.  Paperback.  650pp.  Very good.  $10  [381648]

Barth, Karl.  __The Word in This World:  Two Sermons by Karl Barth__.  Regent College Publishing.  2007.  Paperback.  66pp.  Very good.  $7  [381641]

Barth, Karl.  __Theology and Church:  Shorter Writings 1920-1928__.  Harper & Row.  1962.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  358pp.  Good.  $30  [381668]

Barth, Karl.  __Witness to the Word:  A Commentary on John 1__.  Eerdmans.  1986.  Paperback.  163pp.  Penciling, good otherwise.  $5  [381634]

Barth, Karl and Carl Zuckmayer.  __A Late Friendship:  The Letters of Karl Barth and Carl Zuckmayer__.  Eerdmans.  1982.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  72pp.  VG/VG  $5  [381638]

Barth, Karl and Rudolf Bultmann.  __Karl Barth / Rudolf Bultmann Letters, 1922 – 1966__.  Eerdmans.  1981.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  192pp.  VG/VG  $5  [381631]

Berkouwer, G.C..  __Triumph of Grace in the Theology of Karl Barth__.  Eerdmans.  1956.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  414pp.  Foxing, chipped dust jacket.  $8  [381660]

Duke, James O. and Robert F. Streetman, eds..  __Barth and Schleiermacher:  Beyond the Impasse?__.  Fortress.  1988.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  186pp.  Penciling, chipped dust jacket.  $24  [381664]

Gockel, Matthias.  __Barth and Schleiermacher on the Doctrine of Election:  A Systematic-Theological Comparison__.  Oxford.  2006.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  229pp.  VG/VG  $20  [381643]

Greene-McCreight, K.E..  __Ad Litteram:  How Augustine, Calvin and Barth Read the ‘Plain Sense’ of Genesis 1-3  [Issues in Systematic Theology, 5]__.  Lang.  1999.  Hardcover, no dust jacket..  274pp.  Good.  $40  [381656]

Gunton, Colin E..  __The Barth Lectures__.  T&T Clark.  2007.  Paperback.  285pp.  Very good.  $30  [381647]

Neder, Adam.  __Participation in Christ:  An Entry into Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics  [Columbia Series in Reformed Theology]__.  W/JKP.  2009.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  135pp.  G/VG, some underlining.  $12  [381666]

Ogletree, Thomas W..  __Christian Faith and History:  A Critical Comparison of Ernst Troeltsch and Karl Barth__.  Abingdon.  1965.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  236pp.  VG/G, chipped dust jacket.  $5  [381635]

Sonderegger, Katherine.  __That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew:  Karl Barth’s ‘Doctrine of Israel’__.  Penn State.  1992.  Hardcover with dust jacket.  191pp.  Extensive underlining and notes, cocked spine.  $20  [381644]

Villa-Vicecio, Charles ed..  __On Reading Karl Barth in South Africa__.  Eerdmans.  1988.  Paperback.  172pp.  Very good.  $7  [381640]

Yoder, John Howard.  __Karl Barth and the Problem of War and Other Essays on Barth__.  Cascade Books.  2003.  Paperback.  188pp.  Very good.  $7  [381667]

And a complete list of Karl Barth titles and related matter,  currently on hand at our store,  can be viewed here:  Karl Barth List, 04/25/12

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Here are a couple recently published worthy reads, on the Book of Revelation, recommended and reviewed by our own Jim “Sparky” Strickler.  Both titles are available through our bookstore, and are eligible for a 25% discount when you mention this blog post.  

Jim "Sparky" Strickler

Michael J. Gorman, Reading Revelation Responsibly: Uncivil Worship and Witness:  Following the Lamb into the New Creation  Cascade Books, 2011.

“If you’re only going to read one book on Revelation this is the one I recommend.”

Daniel F. Stramara Jr. God’s Timetable: The Book of Revelation and the Feast of Seven Weeks. Pickwick Publications, 2011

“A convincing look at Revelation through the 1c. Jewish lectionary leading up to, and through, the Feast of Weeks. The book offers many  insights that are otherwise missed or confused if Revelation is simply read as its christianized version. Stramara Jr. appropriately understand that Revelation must be ultimately understood in the christianized version that we now have, but his thesis is that Revelation was originally composed as a Jewish Apocalypse (being what we know as Rev. 4-11). He thinks that it was composed with the first century Jewish Lectionary in mind, and that around and including the Feast of Weeks (the most important feast time of the Jewish year, the Shauv’ot festival). He understands Rev. 12-22:7 as developments by the original seer’s disciples, and that “John” christianized it with the addition of chapters 1-3 and the epilogue of 22:8-21. If that seems far fetched he observes that 4 Ezra (also known as 2 Esdras) was also written as a Jewish Apocalypse, and was latter christianized with the first two chapters and an epilogue. It was also contemporaneous with Revelation. He makes a convincing study, and deciphers some of the most puzzling and mysterious images in Revelation in equally compelling ways.   If one is going to read more than one book on Revelation (Gorman’s above) then this one must have its place.”

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Recommended reading:  Lesslie Newbigin’s A Walk Through the Bible

Lesslie Newbigin's A Walk Through the Bible

Shortly before he died in 1998 Newbigin recorded eight radio addresses on basic themes and central figures in the Bible. These addresses have been compiled into a short, easy, and quick read that faithfully tells the journey from the good garden in Eden to the perfect city of the New Jerusalem. It is challenging, inspiring, and a good introduction to the Biblical journey – especially for such a short and quick read.

-Reviewed by Sparky

We have the 2005 Regent College Publishing edition of this in stock for $9.95  (new condition, paperback).

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I’ve just completed our second catalog for April, which includes a large number of our Church History titles, as well as our complete stock of books in Medieval History, English History, Intellectual History, and Historiography.   You can view the catalog here:

Church History, etc., April 2012

And now, a few of the treasures in this catalog…

Sancti Eusebii Hieronymi Stridonensis presbyteri Operum (11 vols. in 23)

[Jerome, St.]. __Sancti Eusebii Hieronymi Stridonensis presbyteri Operum (11 vols. in 23). Editio Altera. $700.00   See page 52 in the catalog for full details.

Works of John Wesley, 14 vols.

Wesley, John. __Works of John Wesley, 3rd edition, complete and unabridged (14 vols.), $117.00  See page 100 for full details.

Colloquia Mensalia: Or, Dr. Martin Luther's Divine Discourses At his Table

Luther, Martin. __Colloquia Mensalia: Or, Dr. Martin Luther’s Divine Discourses At his Table, &c. Collected first together by Dr. Antonius Lauterbach, and afterward disposed into certain Common places by John Aurifaer Dr. in Divinitie…, $500.00.   See page 64 for full details.

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Our April New Arrivals catalog is ready for viewing, and here’s the link:

New Arrivals, April 2012


A detail of the mural near our bookstore's entrance.

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