Our mid-month (well, late-month) catalog is ready to peruse!   This list features our complete selection of Archaeology / Ancient Near East titles.

Here it is-  enjoy!

Archaeology/Ancient Near East, January 2015

Happy New Year!

Here is our latest new arrivals catalog:

New Arrivals, January 2015


This month’s bargain books list contains our recently marked-down titles in the following categories: biblical interpretation, devotional, Inklings & friends, ministry & Christian living, missions, preaching, reference, and Restoration Movement.   The prices shown in this catalog reflect reductions of 20% to 50%.

Here’s the catalog- enjoy!

Bargain Books, November 2014



Our latest new arrivals catalog is now ready to browse!   This catalog features the continuation of the beautiful, eclectic collection we began to list in the October new arrivals catalog- titles in theology, philosophy, intellectual history, nature studies, poetry, and more.

Here’s the catalog-  enjoy!

New Arrivals November 2014

And for the fun of it, here’s a photo of bookstore dog Wendell Berry, sporting the latest in fall fashion.


This month’s list, in our series of bargain books, contains titles in the areas of philosophy, classics, archaeology and ancient near east, Judaica, and other assorted books.   These books’ prices have all been recently reduced by 50%; the prices shown in the catalog reflect that reduction.

Happy treasure hunting!

Bargain Books, October 2014

Our October 2014 New Arrivals catalog is here!   The list features a lovely, eclectic collection, including recent acquisitions in our usual specialty of theology and related areas, as well as a very interesting array of philosophy, intellectual history, and non-fiction titles-  most in beautiful condition.

Here is the catalog:

New Arrivals, October 2014

And a glimpse of some of the items within:

October titles














Our September New Arrivals Catalog is here!

New Arrivals, September 2014


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